Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jodi Applegate - December 3-December 19, 2012


Joe said...

I'm gonna miss her

Guest said... too.

Ninja said...

Incredible woman. Sucks she won't be on.

bobby said...

where is she going? one of my faves..great body!!!

nycnw said...

"After two years at WPIX, Jodi Applegate will step down from the anchor desk at the Tribune-owned CW affiliate in New York.

Applegate announced today that she and her husband, Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay,
are expecting a daughter in January via gestational carrier. Her final
broadcast will be December 19. In a statement, she said she looks
forward “to returning to media in the future.”"

thewiseking said...

The WPIX Channel 11 News is currently an abomination. An absolute travesty. What had once been New York's best LOCAL newscast tartgeted to NEW YORKERS who care about the news has become something else. The show was transformed into a bizarre hodgepodge led by an absolute clueless bimbo mindlessly pacing about with her breasts pushed forward flirting with the weatherman. The rapid cutting is schizophrenic, the hand held camerawork nauseating, the writing abysmal, the hard news barely covered and impossible to follow . Lately, with ratings in the toilet they have even sunk even lower, devoting airtime to youtube videos of people getting injured or stupid animal tricks, desperately played for laughs like Americas Funniest Home Videos and other imbecile fare one finds on off peak cable.

Good riddance Jodi, Good riddance to the producers. I hope it is not too late to save the broadcast.

Bronxite said...
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