Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lauren Scala - December 2010



Anonymous said...

She's not bad but there are so many so much more worthy of your capping time and effort. What about Carolina Leid, Michele Jerson, Debra Alferon, and my BBW face Elise Finch?
Could we maybe see them?
Also would appreciate if you can post more frequently
Thanks and happy new year!

CG said...

Sorry, I'm only posting caps of my favorite reporters.

You can always sign up to the TVNewsCaps message board and create a thread for some of the people that you mentioned. I have some caps of Debra Alfarone that I could post for you over there.

Here is the link:

Ninja said...

I like her cg. Nice body.

Anonymous said...

Wnbc has the hottest newscasters.