Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heidi Jones - November-December 2010

With the recent news of Heidi being charged for filing a false report, this will probably be the final update for her on this website.



anthony0358 said...

I feel just terrible about what came out about Heidi Jones
She is one of favorites

I hope that she is going to okay

CG said...

She seemed like a smart woman. I just wonder why she would put herself in what will ultimately be a career ending situation?

Oh well, I guess we can just wish the best and hopefully she overcomes whatever personal issues she has.

SlashAsterisk said...

The news was surprising. Hopefully she gets her issues straightened out and can move on.

Thanks for the caps, CG.

Anonymous said...

She made false allegations of rape. She may be troubled but something like that should not go unpunished. And severely.

Anonymous said...

free Heidi Jones

murdoc said...

She should be black balled from the media circuit!